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  • Product: Aerial Telephone cable(HYAC or HYATC)

Aerial Telephone cable(HYAC or HYATC),Telecommunication cable

1. Aerial cable(HYAC or HYATC)
Size: 10-300pairs
Executive Standard: YD/T 322-1996
Referred Standard: IEC, ASTM, BS
2. Structure: annealed copper conductor, solid polyolefin insulation, jelly filled or no jelly filled, polyester coated

aluminum tape (PAP) longitudinally wrapped, PE sheathed Self-supporting local communication cable
3. Min. bending radius: Not less than 15 times of the outer diameter when the outer diameter is not more than

40mm and not less than 20 times of the outer diameter when the outer diameter larger than 40mm
4. Usage: Transmitting audio frequency signals, analog signals up to 150kHz or digital signals up to 2048kbit/s

and in certain condition can carry digital signals, which is higher than 2048kbit/s
5. Application mode: Aerial
6. Inner packing: Delivery on wooden-iron composite drums, strong enough suitable for handling, long distance

shipment and storage
7. Outer packing: Wooden battens to be used to protect the drummed cable or even a metal tape secured outside
8. Packing: iron wooden drum

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