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  • Product: rg214

rg214 Coaxial cable

1)7X0.75mmTC+7.25mmSolidPE+96%TC Braiding +98%TCBraiding +
10.8mm PVC (or PE)
2) Customers' specifications are welcomed


Impedance: 50+/-2 Ohm
Velocity of Propagation: 66%
Capacitance: 100pF/m
Attenuation: [@
68 F. (20 C) ]  dB/100meters
50MHz:   4.50dB                500MHz: 16.30dB
100MHz:  6.70dB                600MHz: 18.60dB
200MHz:  9.80dB                800MHz: 23.00dB
400MHz: 14.70dB                1000MHz: 25.00dB


1) Packing lengths:
100m/roll, 200m/roll, 305m/roll, 100 yards/roll, 200 yards/roll
2) Inner packing: Wooden drum, plastic drum, paper drum
3) Outer packing: Carton box, pull out box
4) Other packing available according to customer

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