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  • Product: SFTP CAT5E



Material: Bare copper

Number of pairs: 4 pairs

AWG: 24awg

Conductor diameter: 0.515±0.003mm



Material: HDPE and FRPE

Diameter: 1.02±0.005mm

Average thickness: 0.212mm

Minimum point thickness: 0.2095mm


First screen: aluminum mylar shield (superposition rate: 25%)

Overall screen: 80/0.1mm TC braid shield (coverage: 60%) or 
48/64/96/112x0.12mm or 0.15mm or 0.16mm, braiding. FR/PVC or LSOH jacket


Jacket rip cord: optional



Material: PVC or LSZH

Nominal diameter: 6.0 ±0.2mm

Average thickness: 0.55mm

Minimum point thickness: 0.50mm

Operating temperature: -20 to 75°C

Flame test: CMX, CM,  and IEC60332-1

Reference standard: TIA/EIA568B and IEC/ISO11801

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